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65-70 Mustangs, 64-65 Falcon, Ranchero.

For cars equipped with our MUSTANG II front suspension kits.

Like All of our radiator systems, The Mega Cool Radiator System
gives you a custom look and really does work!

Kit Includes:  Lower mounting plate with radiator mount locater 

                               Mega cool Alloy Radiator cross flow design

                               Drivers side lower hose outlet/ Pass. side upper outlet

                               Upper mounting bracket

                               Upper fan cover plate

                               All fastening hardware

* Radiator not designed for cars with auto trans, external trans
cooler must be used.

This kit is designed with the Restomod in mind. We have used this radiator set up in many of the cars we have built for years now, tried and proven to keep even the biggest stroker motor MEGA COOL.

To fit the 26" or 31" radiator in your Mustang it is necessary to relocate your battery to the rear and remove the battery tray, this will allow enough room for the install of the largest MEGA COOL system.

If you do not want to relocate your battery we have a kit that includes a slightly smaller radiator, you still get the great looks of the top panel fan cover and Mega Cool alloy radiator.

Some of the Mega cool radiator applications:

Mustang II front suspension up graded cars with the strut rod pockets removed on 1965-70 Mustangs and 64-65 Rancheros, Falcons.

Cross flow design for the 5.0/ 351 late model engine conversions in classic Mustangs 1965-70 and 64-65 Rancheros, Falcons.

We have many other radiator systems that may suit your application, just call us and we can go over your options. Remember we are not just a parts house. We use all the parts we sell in our shop.

Pic of Mega Cool Radiator system installed in a 1968 Mustang with a
392 Stroker engine.


This pic is of the Lower mounting plate with radiator mount locater, after this lower panel is bolted or welded in, your radiator is ready to drop in and mount with the upper bracket.

Mega Cool Radiator kits 
22"     $549.00
26"     $595.00

Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

Universal Mega Cool radiators without mounting brackets also available to you to make your own brackets.

26" Alloy radiator part# AW 26UNI $310.95

22" Alloy radiator part# AU22UNI $259.95

Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

Ordering and Contact


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