Bolt in Keyless Power Door Lock system for 1965-70 Mustangs

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67-70 Mustang power latch kit shown.

This keyless door lock kit is ready for install, you can still retain your key lock on the out side of your car. No holes to drill just bolt in. The units come to you ready to install completely new factory unit with retrofit.

This system is designed to work with a existing alarm or you can add a remote keyless entry system to activate the door locks and power trunk release, and even roll up power windows with a touch of a button from the remote with the right components.

This is not a shaved handle or door popper kit. Popper kits are special order and built to order only. Call.

Mustang 1965-70 Bolt in Power lock kit

part# AWDL-6466 ...$299.95

part# AWDL-6768 ...$299.95

part# AWDL-6970 ...$299.95

  (This is for the latches only, no wiring is included.)

Mustang 1965-70 Wire harness for door lock kit

part# AWDL-HARN ...$69.95

(This allows you to drop in the wiring to connect the door locks and includes relays. Please state if your going to connect to switches, keyless entry/alarm, or both. Also state the location of switches if ordered with harness.)

Mustang 1965-70 Door lock switch

part# AWDL-SW ...$10.95 each

(This allows you to lock or unlock the doors from inside without reaching across the seat)

Special order around 2 weeks for delivery.

AW Part #



AW-KENS This is a harness designed for applications that use only keyless entry. There are no interior mounted switches. 89.95
AW-BSOUL This is a harness that uses 2 billet switches, possibly one on each door, or both mounted in the center console. 1 button unlocks both doors. Keyless entry is not needed, but can be used. 99.95
AW-BSPU This is a harness built for progressive door locks. Switches unlock in progression. EX: press 1, unlocks 1 door, press 2, unlocks both doors, press 3, relocks both doors. Keyless entry is also progressive if used. 109.95

If you do not have a keyless remote or alarm system simply add on the Keyless remote kit. (This kit to be used with the keyless entry lock kit and trunk release kit)

If you are installing power windows we also have a auto window unit that will roll up your window from out side of your Mustang with a touch of the remote. When used with our power lock kit you can get out of your car walk away and lock your doors and roll up your windows at a touch of a button. How cool is that!

Mustang keyless entry system Part# AWLK-6570...........$99.95

(This is a keyless entry only, not an alarm. It has 2 optional channels to control other features such as power trunk release or to control the power windows.)

Mustang alarm system Part# AWALK-6570..................$134.95

(Professional maybe required for the installation of either the keyless entry or alarm system)

Mustang Power Window module kit. Part# AWPWM-6570....$99.95

Ordering and Contact


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