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Front Springs:
Global West's front springs can be used with standardfront suspensions or our Negative Roll Systems. Spring rates are slightly higher than stock, and will lower the vehicle approximately 1 to 1-1/4 inches.

Year / Model Street Competition
1964-1966 Mustang small blk S-23 S-24
1967 -1970 Mustang small blk S-26 S-27
1967-1970 Mustang big blk S-27 S-28
1971-1973 Mustang small blk S-30 S-31
1961-1965 Ranchero/Falcon S-23F S-24F
1966-1971 Ranchero/Falcon S-26F S-27F

wpe8E.jpg (4440 bytes)

Part# S-23 only $129.95 pr.
Part# S-24 only $146.95 pr
Part# S-23F only $130.95 pr
Part# S-24F only $146.95 pr
Part# S-26 only $144.95 pr
Part# S-27 only $146.95 pr

Part# S-27F only $146.95 pr
Part# S-28 only $ 146.95 pr
Part# S-30 only $175.00 pr
Part# S-31 only $149.95 pr

Front Shocks:

Koni shocks : Koni shocks are featured on many high performance cars from the factory. Koni's
are a vital component for chassis tuning. Racers and performance enthusiasts alike use Koni's because
of their quality and adjustability. Koni's also offer a limited life time warranty.

Year / Model Fronts Rears
1967-1970 Cougar 82-1388 SP3 82-1389
1964-1966 Mustang 82-1388 SP3 82-1389
1967-1970 Mustang 82-1388 SP3 82-1389
1971-1973 Mustang 82-1742 82-1389

Part# 82-1388 SP3 only $238.00 pr
Part# 82-1389 only $238.00 pr
Part# 82-1742 only $238.00 pr

Tubular Upper Control Arms
for Mustangs, Falcons, Ranchero, etc. (Negative Roll System since 1982)

The primary goal of a well designed suspension system is to keep as much of the tire patch in contact with the pavement, through any given situation (especially corners).

Global West's tubular upper control arm geometry kit (NEGATIVE ROLL SYSTEM) does exactly that. How? By changing the length of the upper control arm and lowering the upper pivot point just the right amount, we are able to change your 64-73 Mustang's handling characteristics from a understeering nightmare to a slot car on rails. How can this easy swap make such a dramatic change? Standard Mustang front suspension systems lean the top of the tire out of the fender during corning. This in turn lifts the inside edge of the tire off the pavement, decreasing the tire contact patch. This accounts for your Mustang's increased outside tire wear and poor handling characteristics (understeer). Simply stated understeer is when the car enters a corner and continues to go straight rather than negotiating the turn.
Global West's Negative Roll System changes your Mustang's geometry and handling characteristics by increasing the amount of tire that stays in contact with the pavement through the corner. Our suspension system tilts the inside edge of the tire down on to the pavement rather than allowing it to lift. This keeps the tire contact patch flat on the pavement, improves tire wear, and provides
greater control at higher cornering speeds.

Global West's control arms are by far your best investment for your suspension.

Benefits and features:wpe4E.jpg (9976 bytes)

  1. Global West takes the guess work out of Mustang handling woes with correct length upper control arms. Fixed length control arms provide predictable handling characteristics over variable length upper control arms.
  2. Round tube construction provides superior strength over standard stamped steel control arms.
  3. Corrected ball joint angles are mandatory and considered a standard feature.
  4. Upper tubular control arms have a limited life time warranty, (as long as you own your car) racing or not!
  5. Billet cross shafts are standard components and also warranted.
  6. Del-a-lum control arm bushings are considered to be the ultimate suspension bushing. Zero bind, zero deflection, fully grease able, and have a life time warranty (As long as you own your car).
  7. An upper control arm relocation template is provided for easy measuring.
  8. Upper ball joints are furnished with hardware.
  9. Arms are pre-assembled and lubricated with synthetic grease.
  10. Upper arms are powder coated gloss black.
  11. Alignment information is included, which any alignment shop can handle.

Global West's Negative Roll kits are available for the following cars:

Year and Model Part Number
1961-1965 Falcon MNR- 46
1966-1970 Falcon MNR-73
1975-1980 Granada MNR-73
1970-1977 Maverick MNR-73
1964-1966 Mustang MNR-46
1967-1973 Mustang MNR-73
1961-1965 Ranchero MNR-46
1967-1971 Ranchero MNR-73
1968-1971 Torino MNR-73

Part# MNR-46 only $599.00
Part# MNR-73 only $599.00

When you order a Negative Roll System both upper control arms are pre-assembled. The upper arms are
supplied with billet upper control arm shafts, Del-a-lum control arm bushings, upper ball joints, upper arm
relocation template, and instructions. In order to install one of our systems simply bolt the template in the
control arm hole location (with the control arm removed) and center punch the shock tower, remove the
template and drill the new holes. Do the same to the other side and that's it! The rest just bolts together
as a stock system.
(NOTE: Del-a-lum bushings average life span is 120,000 miles. Del-a-lum bushings used
in this location will outlive any spherical bearing , aircraft rod end, or factory bushing / shaft assembly).

Front Lower Control Arms:
Tubular or Standard)

wpe86.jpg (2811 bytes)Global West's super duty lower control arms are available two ways, tubular or  modified stock. Both control arms feature spherical bearings on the frame side and new lower ball joints. Spherical bearings provide major improvements over standard rubber bushings or polyurethane. Bearings allow the suspension to move in it's intended path without bind or deflection.



Standard lower control arm features and benefits:

  1. Both new lower control arms are modified by boxing in the arms. This is done by welding additional plates over a specific area of the arm.
  2. Control arm bushings have been replaced with aircraft spherical bearings. This requires machining 
    the control arm bushing location and installing special housings for the bearings.
  3. New lower ball joints are also standard.
  4. Control arms are shipped pre-assembled.

Tubular lower control arm features and benefits:

  1. Control arms are built out of .125 wall seamless tubing.
  2. Aircraft spherical bearings are utilized at bushing locations.
  3. Lower ball joints are replaceable. ( Note: These lower ball joints thread into the lower control arm). They are used heavily in the stock car industry.
  4. Stock strut rods will bolt up or our special adjustable units can be used.
Year / model Modified Lower Arm Tubular Lower Arm
1961-1965 Falcon SPF-1 TBF-5
1966-1967 Falcon   TBF-6
1968-1970 Falcon SPF-3 TBF-7
1975-1980 Granada SPF-3 TBF-7
1970-1977 Maverick SPF-3 TBF-7
1964-1966 Mustang SPF-1 TBF-5
1967-only Mustang   TBF-6
1968-1973 Mustang SPF-3 TBF-7
1961-1965 Ranchero SPF-1 TBF-5
1968-1971 Ranchero SPF-3 TBF-7

Part# SPF-1 only $322.00 pr
Part# SPF-3 only $322.00 pr
Part# TBF-5 only $399.00 pr
Part# TBF-6 only $399.00 pr
Part# TBF-7 only $399.00 pr (TBF-7 shown)

Adjustable Strut Rod Kits
and replacement performance strut rod bushings.

wpe5E.jpg (3133 bytes)Performance strut rod bushings for Mustangs and other Ford applications definitely can use higher durometer bushings at this location. Adjustable strut rods are also available which can be used on the street or any racing application.

wpe61.jpg (6032 bytes)



Benefits and features:
Performance rubber

  1. High durometer bushings will control lower control arm location with limited deflection and still allow pivot over standard factory durometer. (Caution: Too high of a durometer bushing in this location can cause strut rod failure due to too much resistance in the direction of pivot. That is
    why we prefer rubber in this location over other high density plastics)
  2. Performance strut rod bushings will also provide better alignment, cornering, and braking control.
  3. Easy installation, no modifications.

Adjustable strut rods

  1. Adjustable strut rods offer more alignment capabilities for caster. Caster provides straight line
    stability and a self aligning force on the suspension.
  2. Our design replaces the strut rod completely. The standard bushing located at the frame under
    the radiator is eliminated and replaced with a billet aluminum couple. (see picture above). An
    aircraft rod end is installed in the bushing's place and coupled to a threaded sleeve. The sleeve
    can be turned which will adjust the length of the strut rod. This in turn changes caster.
  3. You should notice that our billet coupler is directional. It will index in the frame. This feature
    makes this unit superior over any other on the market. Note: Any rod end installed in this
    location must work in the plane shown in the above picture
    . That is why we made
    the unit directional. Any chance that the coupler would turn in the frame or be installed
    in the frame incorrectly could result in failure of the rod end.
  4. Since the strut rod no longer deflects, corner entry, and front end stability are dramatically improved.
    Combine this strut rod with our lower control arm and you have a superior front lower pivot platform.
Year / model Performance Strut Rod Bushings Adjustable Strut Rods
1961-1965 Falcon SRB-4 ASR-4
1966-1967 Falcon SRB-5 ------
1968-1970 Falcon SRB-5 ------
1975-1980 Granada SRB-5 ------
1970-1977 Maverick SRB-5 ------
1964-1966 Mustang SRB-4 ASR-4
1967-only Mustang SRB-5 ASR-5
1968-1973 Mustang SRB-5 ASR-6
1961-1965 Ranchero SRB-4 ASR-4
1968-1971 Ranchero SRB-5 -----

Note: The standard steering stop can be used with ASR-4.

Part# SRB-4 only $42.30 per kit ( kit does both sides)
Part# SRB-5 only $46.92 per kit ( kit does both sides)
Part# ASR-4 only $339.95per kit ( kit does both sides)
Part# ASR-5 only $379.95 per kit ( kit does both sides)
Part# ASR-6 only $379.95 per kit ( kit does both sides)


    Tubular Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves:

Global West's Tubular tie rod adjusting sleeves provide additional strength
for the steering system, where both performance and safety play a part.
These positive links between inner and outer tie rods deliver full threadadj-5.jpg (5756 bytes)
engagement over the factory split sleeve type.
NOTE: All adjusting sleeve kits are complete with jam nuts. Sleeves
feature machined slots for an open end wrench which makes
adjustments easy.


Year / Model Manual Steering Power Steering
1962-1965 Fairlane ADJ-1 ADJ-3
1966-1971 Fairlane ADJ-3 ADJ-3
1970-1977 Maverick ADJ-3 ADJ-3
1964-1966 Mustang ADJ-3 ADJ-8
3/4" diameter driver side, 11/16" Passenger side IF both sides are
11/16" use ADJ-3
1967-1973 Mustang ADJ-3 ADJ-3
1964-1965 Ranchero ADJ-3 ADJ-8
3/4" diameter driver side, 11/16" Passenger side IF both sides are
11/16" use ADJ-3
1966-1971 Ranchero ADJ-3 ADJ-3
1966-1971 Torino ADJ-3 ADJ-3

Part # ADJ-1 ---- Price per kit $46.79
Part # ADJ-3 ---- Price per kit $46.79
Part # ADJ-8 ---- Price per kit $46.79

                                Rear Springs:
All of Global West's rear leaf springs are specificly built for performance applications. Our leaf spring
can be used on the street, strip, and road racing.
wpe6E.jpg (3170 bytes)

Features and Benefits:

  1. The leaf spring is designed to control wheel hop. Traction
    bars are not needed.
  2. Leaf springs will lower the car approximately 1 inch.
  3. They are a multi-leaf spring.
  4. Leaf springs will accept Del-a-Lum bushings as well as
    stock or polyurethane.
Year / Model Street Competition
64-66 Mustang small blk L-10 L-10
67 Mustang
small blk/ big blk
L-10 L-11
68-70 Mustang
small blk/big blk
L-11 L-11
71-73 Mustang
small blk/big blk
L-11 L-12

Note: When using Global West's rear spring package with Del-a-lum bushings, you will not
need a rear sway bar.

All Mustang rear leaf springs are $289.99 pr.

                  Rear Bushing and Shackle Kits: wpe63.jpg (5708 bytes)
Global West offers Del-a-lum bushings for rear leaf spring
applications. Del-a-lum bushings are designed to control lateral loads as well as provide smooth up and down movement without bind. Each bushing can be lubricated via grease fittings and do not require disassembly for proper lubrication. Internal rotating sleeves (cross drilled) and a rifled housing transfers grease throughout the bushing. Separate thrust washers eliminate lateral bushing movement and are capable of controlling more than the car's weight.

Del-a-lum bushings are available for Mustangs. Use kit:
Part# 105SH for 1964-66 stock rear spring (original leafs only)
The original spring has a smaller eyelet on the rear segment.
(The rear segment bushing is the smaller eyelet of the two on the leaf). After market leaf springs including ours have
a larger eyelet than the original and require Kit 106SH.

Part# 106SH fits all 1967-73 Mustangs and all aftermarket leaf springs including 1964-66.

Part # 105SH ----- Price $199.95
Part # 106SH ----- Price $199.95

                            Monte Carlo Bars:
Mustangs 1964 through the present have one thing in common: They all need extra chassis support
in the engine compartment. For early Mustangs, Monte Carlo bars and export braces are the ticket.
Global West offers 4 different tower braces for 1964 through 1970 Mustangs. All of our Monte Carlo
bars are equipped with right and left hand rod ends, 3/16 thick tower brackets, and assorted hardware.

Note: Global West makes adjustable length Monte Carlo bars because Mustang towers are never the same
distance from tower to tower. Our bars will always fit.

Features and Benefits:

  1. They can be extended or shortened at will and as a consequence, they are always the correct
  2. All Global West Monte carlo bars use .125 wall tubing for additional strength.
  3. Since the bars have rod ends, Working on the engine is easy. Simply unbolt two bolts and the
    bar is out of the way. No need to get into the fender wells and unbolt all those additional
    bolts that some adjustable bars have.
Year/Model Part#
1964-1966 Mustang TS-6 Straight Bar
1964-1966 Mustang TS-8
Bar has a bend over the distributor.
1967-1970 Mustang TS-2 Straight Bar
1967-1970 Mustang TS-7
Bar has a bend over the distributor.

Note: On TS-8 and TS-7, we install a slight bend in the bar over the distributor for clearance. If you
are using an aftermarket distributor or a taller distributor cap, which is higher
than the factory original unit, you will require a Monte Carlo bar
with a slight bend.wpe6F.jpg (5067 bytes)

Part# TS-2 only $129.99
Part# TS-6 only $129.99
Part# TS-7 only $129.99 with bend
Part# TS-8 only $129.99 with bend


Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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