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Rear Coilover System



 Rear Coil over System

The rear coil over system from Total Control Products is now available for delivery. Total Control Products has made some exciting modifications to Their original layout. Check out the product page for all the details.

Suspension Components

Total Control's - Coilover Conversion KitCoil Over Spring Conversion Kit : Total Control Products Coil over Conversion Kit is the definitive solution for improving the handling of your classic automobile. (Includes Upper Control Arms, Lower Control Arms, Upper Shock Mount, Strut rods/Lower Shock Mount, Coilover Shocks)  Rear Coilover SystemRear Coil over System: Total Control Products Rear Coil over System is the most technologically advanced rear suspension system available for vintage Mustangs.
Upper Control Arms:   

Total Control Products are Tubular Control Arms that give you superior handling over factory stamped steel arms. 

Lower Control Arms: From Total Control Products are Superior strength, true super-duty control arms. No more "boxes".
Strut Rod Kit : Stronger rods from Total Control Products with no more rubber bushings. Virtually eliminates the deflection and binding commonly found in typical rubber and polyurethane-bushed strut rods. Rear Spring Plate Rear Spring Plate   The TCP Rear Spring Plate from Total Control Products is a great option when faced with modifying or upgrading your existing plates.

Steering Components

Rack and Pinion KitsRack & Pinion Conversion Kit
Total Control Products Rack & Pinion Kit is the cure for the poor steering characteristics of your classic car. Rack & Pinion eliminates the "play" in the steering system.
KRC Power Steering PumpKRC Pump Kit
The KRC Pump from Total Control Products features a changeable flow-rate control fitting. This allows you to "tune" the feel of the steering system.

Interior Accessories

TCP Pedal Covers Billet Aluminum Pedal Cover Set
Total Control Products billet aluminum pedal covers provide a non-slip surface and a wider platform for the serious driver in all of us 

(Automatic Pedal).
Pedal Set (manual)(Manual Pedals)

Engine Accessories

KRC Power Steering Pump KRC Pump Kit
The KRC Pump from Total Control Products features a changeable flow-rate control fitting. This allows you to "tune" the feel of the steering system.
Throttle Linkage Kit Throttle Linkage Kit
Total Control Products Throttle Linkage Kit provides the adjustability you need to dial in your car's throttle response.

"Carbureted Cars Only"

Chassis Components

Sub-Frame Connectors Subframe Connectors
From Total Control Products Dramatically Reduce Chassis Flex! Ties your subframes together and stops your chassis from twisting.

Tower Brace Kits Tower Brace Kits
Total Control Products tower brace kit incorporates lightweight aluminum rods, spherical rod ends and stainless steel hardware to create a top of the line bracing system like no other.      

Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.

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