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83 Ranger Pro-Street
(Danger Ranger)

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Before pic.

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More before pics. Ranger with 302

ranger bed frame12.jpg (24110 bytes)ranger bed frame8.jpg (42234 bytes)        ranger bed frame13.jpg (24057 bytes)
Getting ready to cut the rear frame off to make a tube frame.

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Pics. of new frame being fab.

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 Ranger bed frame5.jpg (33475 bytes)

     ranger bed frame10.jpg (41652 bytes)     Ranger bed frame 7.jpg (25522 bytes)

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Ranger rear end.jpg (36265 bytes)    ranger rear fender.jpg (49056 bytes)
Rear frame complete with new bedsides hung on.

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We decided on a updated look for our 1983 Ford Ranger diesel. We sectioned the front off and begun to install  2000 Ford Explorer front sheet metal.

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As you can see the 2000 Ford Explorer front fenders are too short in length and too long in height. Matt sectioned both 83 Ranger & 2000 Explorer fenders together, after a little massaging they will look like they were meant to be there. 

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These are the most up to date pics. we have of our Autoworks project Danger Ranger, we have taken out the old 302 and are building a 351. We ported alloy Motor Sport heads, port matched air gap intake, Holly carb and a custom cam should run ok

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