'68 Mustang "Destroyer" Coupe
Stroked 392 cu. inch

We are making way to install a huge 392 Stroker motor backed by a Tremec 500. The Total Control front coil over  suspension is on its way out. We are installing our Autoworks racing #3 Mustang II IFS kit. This kit includes tubular upper and lower control arms, adjustable coil over shocks, and the most important item a steering rack. His previously installed CNC front brake kit will be installed on his new Mustang II spindles.

Before we pulled this baby apart.

Original 302 4 BBl engine.


This whole thing started when we installed a new T5 trans in place
of his C4 auto. He was so impressed that he wanted more, so
here we go.

He also runs our Toque Thrust II Custom 17" wheels with 275/40-17 on the rear and 245/45-17 up front.



 Ok we will start striping the engine compartment and remove the shock towers.


We removed the front left and right fenders and all other sheet metal up front.






Shock towers and all Total Control Front suspension has been removed. We have install the left and right inner panels and the new front Mustang II Crossmember is in place and welded.






Upper shock and tubular control arm mount






With the old bulky shock towers removed there is enough room for even a big block with huge headers. This mustang II conversion is the best way to go when you want to install a 4.6 or 5.4 mod motor. We now have the wiring harnesses for all the 4.6 mod engines, call us.






Body work is done in the engine compartment and ready for primer.






Suspension components prepped for painting.

Now all the hard work striping, cutting and welding on the old engine compartment has paid off, it looks great in epoxy primer

View of left inner fender apron.

View of right inner apron, and it looks like a factory job. Ford would be proud.

We also prepped and painted the inside of the front fenders.

This is what you have been waiting for, WOW it looks great. We painted the engine compartment to factory color code. A great look for this 68 coupe under the hood and under the fenders are all factory color and not black under seal. Robert has opted to go with the newest paint out their, it is impervious to all most anything. Lacquer thinner will not touch this paint, carb cleaner can be used to clean it, battery acid, engine oil, gasoline, brake fluid will not harm it. It is going to look great for a long time.

Robert summed it up very well, I think his words were 'WOW'

View of right outer fender apron.

Painted suspension parts laid out for assembly.

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